Welcome to Canada's Public Drug Coverage Database. Canada’s drug coverage landscape is complex, which is why we’ve created this tool. This searchable database serves as a “one-stop shop” to obtain key information about provincial health indicators, and drug coverage design features of the 10 provinces in Canada. For more information on the drug coverage landscape in Canada, see About Canadian public drug coverage below.  For more information on the database, see our FAQ, or Contact us.

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Canada does not have a single healthcare system. It has multiple provincial healthcare systems. Provincial governments have autonomy on how to administer and fund medically-necessary services covered under the Canada Health Act, as well as whether to provide any services that sit outside the Act, such as pharmaceutical coverage. Over time, each province's health ministry has developed programs to help pay for pharmaceutical coverage for targeted populations in their own province. These programs vary in terms of criteria determining who is covered, what is covered, the cost of coverage, and how much is covered. Within and across provinces there are multiple programs with varying degrees of coverage depending on age, employment status, income, disease, disability, and type of drug (generic, specialty, etc.). The landscape is extremely complex.

You can learn more about Canada’s public drug coverage in Canada's Public Drug Coverage Database. 



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